Médicus was founded in 1957 by an orthotist-prosthetist named Jean-Claude Bleau. The only francophone in this profession, Mr. Bleau opened his first laboratory and began his career in a modest 300 sq.ft. office. Fueled by his passion, he opened the first Orthotics and Prosthetics Laboratory fabricating and adjusting orthopedic shoes. Because of his avant-garde outlook, he rapidly became a source of reference in his field . It was around this time that a new product known as “Space Shoes” became available in the United States. These shoes were custom made using a plaster mold of the patient’s foot. For the next 10 years, Médicus had exclusive Space Shoe distribution which brought in customers, suffering from foot problems, from all over North America.. Download our catalog

In 1966, German orthopedic specialists presented a revolutionary method of orthosis fabrication using plastic materials instead of the more traditional (metal and leather). This was a huge step towards comfort for patients. Lighter and more durable, plastic was also less costly. Jean-Claude Bleau saw this as an advantage and enrolled himself into the Orthopädie Bundesfachschule College at the University of Frankfurt to learn more about this technique. On the cutting edge of progress, Médicus was quickly becoming a respected O&P supplier amongst doctors and Québec health care professionals.

During his many trips to Europe, Jean-Claude Bleau would always search for new and innovative products which were basically unknown here in Québec. Médicus prides itself as being the first Laboratory to present the Québec population with such products as external silicone breast prostheses, urethane injected orthopedic insoles, computer generated gait analysis and numerous electrical stimulation apparatus, to name a few.

Today, Médicus is considered to be the leading employer of Orthotics & Prosthetics graduates in Québec and has several companies, each with its own function :

  • Médicus Orthopedic Laboratory
  • Médicus Sport
  • Ortho-Dynamic
  • Médicus International Technologies