Our president


President of The Médicus Orthopedic Laboratory, Madame Jacinte Bleau is also a mother of five and a 30 year veteran in the Orthotics & Prosthetics domain. Madame Bleau is equally a naturopath, holding a bachelors degree and an MBA in Kinesiology. Her time is divided among her clients, chairmanship, research & development, manufacturing, orthoses design & concept, management and administration as well as public relations. In addition, and not unlike numerous mothers today, she manages her household along with the music lessons, hockey practices, and softball games that are all part of daily life with 5 little ones.

Her academic and professional path is quite impressive. Jacinte Bleau took part in the family business at a very early age. She started working at Médicus in 1983, after having completed her studies at Collège Jean de Brébeuf in Health Sciences and receiving a bachelors degree in Kinesiology at L’Université de Montréal. Within the same year, she attended a course in Orthotics & Prosthetics at North Western College in Chicago and Techniques in Orthotics & Prosthetics at Collège Montmorency. She continued her studies by consecutively completing numerous courses in orthoses and the lower limbs, the trunk, the foot, in orthotic shoes and prostheses, at Montreux in Switzerland, in Boston, at Indiana’s Ball State University and the Hugh MacMillan College in Toronto.

In 1993, Madame Bleau became Director of the Medicus Laboratory and furthered her studies, working towards a Masters Degree in Kinesiology at the Université de Québec à Montreal. In 2003, she accepted the role of General Manager of the business and became President on it’s board of directors. Shortly following her nomination as head of the Medicus Orthopedic Laboratory, Madame Bleau began studying for a Masters Degree in Business Administration at the Université de Québec à Montreal and achieved her MBA, with excellence, in 2006.

The business has been in continuous growth and expansion since its beginning. There are presently 12 branches with Médicus Sport, is geared towards the sports oriented clientele; from beginner to elite athlete. The family owned enterprise is managed with passion & heart, thereby developing methods and custom made products which have been adopted by, and have benefited, such businesses as Le Cirque du Soleil, Costco, Canada Post and Hydro Quebec.

A virtual bundle of success, Madame Bleau’s devotion and professionalism have received notoriety and been rewarded over the past 2 years with several prestigious awards within the business community. The Organization received a merit of achievement, namely the Entrepreneurship Award, the 2006 Genesis in Health Technologies, two awards at the 2007 Dunamis Awards and the “Coup de Coeur” ESTim from the East Island Chambre of Commerce. Lastly, Jacinte Bleau was named Entreprenneur of the Year by the Quebec Business Womens’ Network last October.

Well-being is an integral part of Madame Bleau’s value system. Bringing relief to those who suffer is the reason why her company was founded. Her desire to help others is a legacy handed down to her by her father and was the fundamental reason that the business was initially started in 1957. According to Madame Bleau, making a difference in someone’s life can be as easy as listening to, supporting and assisting those in need.