Our vision

Medicus, orthèses, prothèses, plantaire, douleur

Our mission is to become a business which holds the customer at the top of its priority list. A respected business reknowned throughout North America for its orthotic and prosthetic reference material. This dream is based upon three important factors: customer service, knowledgeable staff and company growth.

Customers are able to benefit from our top notch supervision, a unique and individual service resulting from extensive continuous learning, research and development and the use of latest technologies, all backed by worldwide leaders in the field. Due to its top quality products, technological development and experienced personnel, Médicus has become uniquely qualified in several branches. It is highly important to be on the lookout for latest technology & research and to pass this information along by creating an efficient and innovative work system. Because we are health care professionals, we are deeply devoted to having a highly ethical and nurturing workplace environment.

Our company’s goal is to accommodate our employees as well as its patrons. Customers help us to better ourselves daily all the while expanding our knowledge. Working together as a team our employees’ main goal is to make each customer come out a winner. The strength of our marketing is based on the awareness of quality service aimed towards family members and friends of satisfied customers, who want to experience the well-being offered by Médicus and its medical team.

Médicus is advancement in progress on all levels. This constant growth is based upon the fact that more and more people are looking towards a better quality of life. With this in mind, Médicus offers its clientele guaranteed satisfaction and a sense of well being and accomplishment that’s within reach.