Bio-Dynamik® – Foot orthotics

We offer made-to-measure solutions to help
you find the perfect balance. Our Bio-DynamikTM
plantar orthotics are made according to each
person’s individual needs.

Bad posture can often be the cause of your pain, whether it’s in the feet, knees, back or even the hips. A foot orthotic helps to restore your postural alignment, and thus your whole body’s equilibrium. The Medicus goal is to provide you with an orthotic that is perfectly adapted to your needs and lifestyle, while correcting your diagnosed impairment.

All of our plantar insoles are made-to-measure according
to your activity, morphology and pathology.

Excellent for running or brisk-walking. Perfostab allows for optimal alignment and muscular stimulation.

Ideal for weak arches, talalgia, mild arthritis or valgus. Comfortable, flexible and dynamic. Slimlined, rigid sole with a sturdy design.

Designed for persons suffering from diabetes or arthritis. Flexible and absorbent, Di-Ar complies with the deformity and distributes pressure evenly to the sole of the foot.

Specially recommended for those who work in a standing position or in an active work environment. It provides positional comfort over long periods.

Specially designed for those who are very active and seeking support and superior stability. It can be worn in both sport shoes and work shoes.


We take the time to get to know you, because each person is unique. After having asked you a series of specific questions, the orthotist will observe your posture and gait in great detail. He/she will then be able to determine if you need any further tests before suggesting a custom-made orthotic which will be perfectly adapted to your needs.

Foot & posture analysis
This analysis is available to all our clients. Its goal is to find the cause of your pain before proposing possible solutions.

Biomechanical evaluation
Depending on the findings following a foot & posture analysis, the orthotist may recommend a biomechanical evaluation. This evaluation will further analyze the movements of the feet and body in a more in-depth manner in order to better target the problem. The goal is to determine the anatomical requirements to which the custom-made plantar orthotic, the shoe and if necessary, the orthotic support, must respond.