Pain management

Mobility aids; wheelchairs, walkers & canes

Médicus is committed to providing you with the best pain management products on the market, so that you can maintain your preferred lifestyle. With more than 100 accessories, such as orthotic and prosthetic devices, Médicus will recommend the orthopaedic device best suited to your needs. Our specialists are always available by appointment in one of our branches in Québec. I want to make an appointment or Contact me.




  • Best-Pro 1TM - Biofeedback
  • Cesar Easy - Pain relief or massage
  • Stimulator Cefar Basic
  • Stimulator Cefar REHAB X2
  • Stimulator Cefar PRIMO PRO
  • Eclipse+ digital
  • Stimulator Cefar MYO XT
  • Gloves for arthritis
  • Wrist support for arthritis
  • Elbow support for arthritis
  • Knee support for arthritis
  • Ankle support for arthritis
  • Moist heat mitt
  • Therapeutic foot warmers
  • Power Gloves
  • TherathermTM Heating pads
  • Hot/Cold compresses
  • Paraffin bath
  • Paraffin blocks
  • Glenalgesic ointment
  • Vitamin E lotion
  • Vitamin E Lotion
  • Electrodes

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