Orthotics – Trunk, neck & head

Guide - Tronc, cou, tête

Médicus is committed to providing you with the best orthopaedic services and equipment on the market, so that you can maintain your lifestyle. With more than 100 accessories, including orthotic and prosthetic devices, walkers, canes, wheelchairs and scooters, Médicus will help you select the orthopaedic equipment that suits you best. Our specialists are always available by appointment in one of our branches in Québec. I want to make an appointment or Contact me.




  • Molded dorsal-lumbar
  • Molded lumbo-sacral
  • Scoliosis orthosis
  • T.L.S.O.
  • Jewitt type thorax-lumbar-sacral orthosis
  • Dorsal-lumbar orthosis
  • C.A.S.H. type thorax-lumbar-sacral orthosis
  • Thorax-lumbar corset type Orthomold
  • LomboStabTM lumbo-sacral orthosis
  • LomboSpine two-in-one orthoses
  • Mac lumbo-sacral orthosis
  • Back support belt
  • Universal lumbar support belt
  • Black-Belt lumbo-sacral belt
  • Sacroiliac belt
  • Umbilical belt
  • Mother-To-Be Maternity belt
  • Hernia strap
  • Hernia slip
  • Scrotal hernia belt
  • Halo type cervical orthosis
  • SOMI type cervical orthosis
  • Minerve type cervical thoracic orthosis
  • Semi-rigid cervical orthosis
  • Pneumatic cervical collar
  • Cotton covered foam cervical collar
  • Cranial orthosis for babies
  • Semi-rigid dorsal-lumbar belt

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Guide - Tronc, cou, tête
Trunk, neck & head
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