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Médicus is committed to providing you with the best orthopaedic services and equipment on the market, so that you can maintain your lifestyle. With more than 100 accessories, including orthotic and prosthetic devices, walkers, canes, wheelchairs and scooters, Médicus will help you select the orthopaedic equipment that suits you best. Our specialists are always available by appointment in one of our branches in Québec. I want to make an appointment or Contact me.




  • NessH200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System
  • ABD shoulder abduction orthosis
  • ARC shoulder abduction orthosis - Light abduction
  • Dynamic shoulder abduction orthosis
  • Gleno-humeral orthosis
  • Sully - Shoulder stabilizer
  • Omo Hit - Shoulder sling
  • Figure 8 clavicle sling
  • Strong shoulder support
  • Breathable shoulder support
  • Reinforced immobilization sling
  • Stevenson type shoulder immobilizer
  • ''ROM Deluxe'' arm/forearm orthosis
  • Advance® Dynamic ROM Rehabilitation splint
  • FirstflexTMdynamic bracing for neuro-logic and orthopedic dysfunction
  • Arm/forearm immobilization orthosis
  • Arm/forearm orthosis with caliper joint
  • Gutter arm/forearm immobilization orthosis
  • Arm/forearm immobilization with elbow extensive variable articulation
  • Epi Med epicondylitis bracelet
  • Band-It epicondylitis bracelet
  • Wrist/hand/fingers rest orthosis
  • Maramed wrist/hand/fingers orthosis
  • Lynx wrist/hand/fingers rest orthosis
  • Rigid wrist orthosis with thumb
  • Rigid wrist orthosis without thumb
  • Leather molded wrist orthosis
  • Rigid wrist orthosis in thin neoprene
  • Semi-rigid wrist support without thumb
  • Semi-rigid wrist and thumb support
  • Semi-rigid Boxer Splint
  • Semi-rigid thumb orthosis
  • Thumb orthosis
  • Dynamic finger extension orthosis
  • Dynamic flexible finger orthosis
  • Finger IPD passive extension orthosis
  • ''8'' shaped, 3 points oval orthosis
  • Doigt-Dex finger splint
  • Doigt-Dex finger splint for swan-neck deformity

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