Mobility aids; wheelchairs, walkers & canesBecause all our customers are so different, our famous name prosthetics come in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes tailored for every figure and chest and for any type of surgery. They are individually handmade with an exclusive silicon mix, with a tough polyurethane matte finish that gives them a smooth texture and natural appearance. Médicus will recommend the orthopaedic device best suited to your needs. Our specialists are always available by appointment in one of our branches in Québec. I want to make an appointment or Contact me.


  • Trulife Harmony Silk breastform
  • Bretelles Comfy™ protège-épaules
  • Amoena Climate breastform
  • Amoena Natura breastform
  • Amoena Essential breastform
  • Adhesive nipples
  • Bra pockets
  • Bra extenders
  • Shoulder cushions
  • Tyra model
  • Swimwear
  • Swimwear
  • Naturalwear - Trulife
  • Feel collection - Diamond
  • Collection Style - Modèle Carmen
  • Camisole Amoena
  • Collection Feel - Modèle Annabell
  • Style Collection - Tia model

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