Stockings & compression

Heavy legs, varicose veins and swollen ankles are the first signs of poor vein circulation. Key factors, such as heredity, excess weight and certain professions increase the risks of developing a chronic vein disorder of the lower limbs.

Our blood carries nutrition to our cells, muscles and organs through our arteries. Waste-laden blood is returned through the veins to the heart and to the body’s cleansing centre. Proper circulation is essential for staying in good health and for life itself.

To remain healthy and maintain the comfort your body needs, Médicus provides a range of socks, stockings, gloves and other accessories. For more information, please download our catalogs compression and treatment of scars (in french only).

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  • Merino Outdoor Wool Socks
  • Eversheer model
  • Ultrasheer model
  • Discretion model
  • Cotton stocking
  • Opaque cotton stocking
  • Soft Opaque
  • Elegance model
  • Select Comfort / Pregnancy
  • Venotrain® Micro / Pregnancy
  • For Men
  • Open toe compression stocking
  • EC3D Sport socks
  • Venotrain Sport socks
  • Athletic Recovery socks
  • Calf compression sleeve
  • Full-lenght tights
  • Compression capri
  • Compression short
  • High waisted short
  • Scapular support vest
  • Shoulder stabilizer
  • Compression sweater
  • Glove for burns and scars
  • Sleeve for burns and scars
  • Chin for plastic surgery
  • Chin strap for burns
  • Face mask for burns
  • Seamless high-waist capri
  • Abdominal vest
  • Stabilizer implant bra
  • Butler arm
  • Slip on aid with adjustable handle
  • Butler Off - Removal aid
  • Rubber gloves
  • Adhesive It Stays®
  • Liquid washing solution
  • Medi Day gel to relax skin