Central manufacturing & shoemaking


We have one central workshop regrouping three work units: custom-made shoes, orthopedic insoles and custom made products. Our custom-made shoe department is considered to be one of the largest in Québec. Our workshop personnel is made up of highly experienced shoemakers, engineers and orthotic specialists. Both of our Montréal stores, situated on Boul. Saint-Laurent and 10th avenue, provide on-the-spot shoe repair units.

Due to the direct contact needed with the customer in processing a prosthetic (artificial limb), this workshop is located at our main office.

Production requests for orthoses and other technical aid products are forwarded from our stores to our central workshop resulting in quality control and savings which are then passed on to you.

Insole designs are made while examining foot movements during different phases of walking or running. An analysis and evaluation of the foot, while immobile or in motion, permits an overall picture of the ideal components needed in fabricating the equipment necessary in both preventing injury and boosting activity performance. While insole manufacturing takes place in each of our branch stores, a dozen or so technicians from our central workshop department team up to produce over 600 orthotics per month, using precise crafting aided by thermoform technology which is merged with multi-composite components.