Gait analysis

Evaluation de la marche et orthèse plantaire

Over the past several years, much time and effort has been invested in raising our conscious awareness concerning our health. In order to produce a healthier generation, everyday activities, such as eating, drinking, smoking and exercising have been modified to fit today’s active lifestyle. Gait analysis and computer generated moulded shoe inserts can help put you one step closer on the road to comfort and well-being. Most of us spend all, or a good portion, of our day standing on our feet. Usually, as the day advances, we become less productive. It has been medically proven that overindulgence and accumulated excess pressure on your feet can affect your output and general sense of well-being.

A gait analysis, done in only a few minutes, in either a standing or walking position, can give a complete and comparative analysis of the foot structure, pressure points, biomechanical alignments and the center of gravity distribution. The imagery shows the foot structure and the pressure levels which can affect performance and comfort. Thanks to the information supplied by these video images, the asymmetry and alignment of the lower limbs can then be analyzed and evaluated.

Shoe inserts made following this analysis provide optimum results, such as :

  • Shock absorption
  • Total foot support
  • Lower risk levels associated with activity
  • Increased shoe performance
  • Rebalancing of a wider surface of under the foot pressure points
  • A decrease, even disappearance, of muscular fatigue